Tomii Cycles: Scott’s Tourer Jan 6, 2015





One of the first Shop Visits of 2015 on the radar over here is Tomii Cycles’ new workshop and the best news is, it’s located only a few miles from the office. Nao and his family moved to Austin at the end of the summer and Scott’s touring frame is the first bike to be made here in Texas. Tourers are usually viewed as utilitarian machines, until you see a bike sculpted like this.

See more of Scott’s tourer at Tomii Cycles’ Flickr.

  • Richard Smith

    I love the colour scheme on this

  • boomforeal

    wow, that is one gorgeous frame. the details are stunning!

    the fork and stays look quite delicate for disk application. i would be curious to know whether they’re more robust than they appear

    and the internal brake routing seems like an unnecessarily complicated feature…

    but wth do i know (seriously)