SOLD OUT! Tracko and The Radavist Long Sleeve Blackened Splinter Camo Jersey Dec 22, 2014


A while back, I gave Kyle from Tracko a Forestbound zippered pouch that was made from old M90 camouflage. Kyle and Bobby at Endo Customs made a pattern from that pouch, which was later used in the original Tracko vest.

Each year, Kyle sells a variation of his splinter camo, so this year, I asked if he’d want to do a collaboration. Pure and simple, this Blackened Splinter Camo jersey is just at home in the woods as it is on the road. Mix it with your favorite bibs, or the green Tracko splinter bibs…

Made in the USA by Endo Customs in Downtown LA, these jerseys are $135 plus shipping ($7 US and $15 international) and are in stock now. They will start to ship this week and will come with a replaceable zipper pull for those of you who don’t like the metal zipper.

Scoop one up below. Sorry, Sold out!







  • Jacob Hunter Creighton

    I’ve never worn an Endo jersey. Any sizing recommendations for longer-armed folks who typically wear medium SS jerseys? These are sick!

    • Andre Chelliah

      I’m exactly like you are, long-armed and a wearer of medium jerseys. I’m wearing a medium in the photos and the arms are definitely long enough!

      • Jacob Hunter Creighton

        Excellent, thanks! Did you happen to race Highlander CX in Waco this year?

  • Stoked on this!

  • Keith Gibson

    snagged- looks great!

  • Alex Forbes

    Any chance i can swing by the office today or tomorrow and pick mine up in person? Id love to have it before i go out of town for the holidays?

  • Warren Fenton

    Any chance of a restock? Looks like I missed out.

  • Torvald

    Hi, John Will there be a second run anytime soon?

  • Jack

    Wait, I NEED this. Please run this again!! It’s perfect for my mtn or city riding!