Speaking of Retro Bikes Dec 27, 2014

… in case you needed to brush up on technology, or lack thereof for the L’Eroica California!

  • Scott

    “Just enjoy what cycling’s all about.”
    I think there are more than a few people out there on over-engineered race bikes that could stand to see such a demonstration.

  • Aaron

    For two years in my mid 20s I rode around on–basically had a love-affair with–a 1984 torelli, with, what I always took to be a stock campy drive train and gipiemme brakes.
    Living in sf and oakland, I rode it every day up tamalpais, diablo, mt hamilton (you’ve got to do that one next time, John), the headlands, twin peaks and the other sf hills, oakland hills, with that 42×25. (Which I eventually changed out for a 27 when I wore through the first cassette. Or were they called freewheels then? I can never remember.)

    When I finally cracked through the old lady’s down tube, I got a new torelli, with a modern group, because I was tired of sitting down to shift, i’ll admit, but I know I’ll never quite get over the feel that classic ride, cruising down hwy 1, through golden gate park, bombing windy roads through the hills in west marin, the way you could just sit down and hammer all day, the solid thunk from reaching down and popping the chain over on the friction shifters.
    Those were some quality rides.