Is Freewheelin’ One of MTB’s First Videos? Dec 13, 2014

I’m not talking klunkers era, I mean real, true to form mountain bikes. Watch the whole thing, it’s a wild ride!

9 responses to “Is Freewheelin’ One of MTB’s First Videos?”

  1. Brian Vernor says:

    I put an email out to some friends calling this “the first” because i wanted people to think about film vs. documentation. This is the earliest composed film about mountain biking I have found. It aims to inspire people through the camera style, and the full composition of the film, sound, color, location, you know FILMMAKING. Not to discredit important images created prior to Freewheelin’ (of which I happily acknowledge there are many), I see this film as the first in it’s intent to use filmmaking to translate the feeling of riding a mountain bike.

    As someone who is inspired to celebrate bike riding through photography, films, and occasionally writing, I see Freewheelin’ as a monument of creativity. It was aimed at an audience outside the experience of mountain biking while showing a truthful, celebratory version of the core riders at the time. Most of our media, whether printed or in films, succumbs to selling the products of the sport to the audience that is already committed. In my interview with Wolf Ruck, an Olympic athlete in an era of much lesser commercialization of the Olympics, he expressed dismay at corporate representations in sport. He was concerned with using film to translate the beauty of sport and its culture. For myself, that is what matters and I would like to see that matter to everyone else. Supporting the industry of cycling with our creativity is fine, but when our art and our commerce are indistinguishable I think there is a problem. Wolf Ruck’s Freewheelin’ inspires me with its pureness of intent. I hope discussions of this beautiful film will center on the intentions of its maker…And of course, socks, mustaches, fanny packs, chainstay length, riser bars, ders, trail poaching, toe straps, and high heels.

    Thanks for posting!

    • John Watson says:

      Thanks for sharing Brian!

    • sofia says:

      “but when our art and our commerce are indistinguishable I think there is a problem.”

      THIS. thank you for saying that, a very good point. This video and your comment have given me a lot to think about. Also I finally learned how to do a proper endo on my MTB today, so the future is bright.

  2. Derek says:

    2:20 — the best.

  3. Andrew Deane says:

    …and it’s Canadian !!

  4. Felix says:

    i’m totally gonna wear my bibs over the jersey tomorrow.

  5. kasual says:

    Shot in the Don Valley no less! Toronto!

  6. adanpinto says:

    This video reminded me this one from a Spanish TV program from early 90’s…