Ride in Peace: Steve Hed of HED Wheels Nov 26, 2014


This morning, a true innovator in wheel technology, Steve Hed passed away. May you ride in peace, brother!

  • carchiba


  • The work he was doing with Peacock Groove was so good too! I just hope his legacy lives on. I love his rims!

  • Trevor H

    I have always been intrigued by his stuff and the work he’s done. Facts and data always prevailed over the ‘hype’ or trends that the rest of the industry was going towards. He was a pioneer, simple as that.

  • Justin Pyatt

    I was fortunate enough to meet him this year at Interbike. I have to admit to being a little starstruck, and meeting him and talking about wheels and bikes and riding was the highlight of the show for me. He was so passionate, smart, and friendly. Happy to have met him, sad that he’s gone.