Now I Know Why the Industry Loves Disc Brakes on Cross Bikes Nov 17, 2014


So precision products like the Takara Genkai can grace the shelves of Walmart. Hey, the wheels don’t have to be even remotely true with discs, the brakes don’t need to be toe’d in and the rear triangle doesn’t have to be square, at all. They’re also cheaper to produce.

For $399, who can argue? Is it bad that I want to buy one and see how long it lasts?

  • Rex Lombardi

    Do it! Ride it to pieces.

    • Aqua

      You’ll probably get a lot of crap for buying a Walmart special but, I’m interested to see how a Walmart special holds up to a real cyclist riding one.

    • hansyrobinson

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    • Paula Product

      The shipping weight is an awesome 105 lbs on that one. One hundred and five pounds.

    • Shredzilla

      I screwed around on one of those fat Wallgooses. Brakes are more like mechanical slowers, the fork was designed to make you never want to get out of bed in the morning, and the tires were like little bouncy black holes into which all of my energy went but never returned.

  • adanpinto

    I don’t know for how long it will last but possibly your body will be damaged after riding it.

  • btdubs

    The subject of maddening disc brake rub then comes into play

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Would love to get a weight on that….

    • Aqua

      The product description says that the shipping weight is 34lbs.

      • scott

        it also says the bike weight is 29 lbs

  • Jeff Haye

    Let’s not forget Manuel Beastley!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    I’ve heard something about an amateur team racing exclusively on big box bikes. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    • Quentin Boasso

      Heard something about that too.. can’t confirm or deny though

    • Ultra_Orange

      I’ve talked to a guy in my area that says he and some friend use shitty schwins for cross just because.

  • lenbot

    It would be neat to do a cross race on one to see how they stack up.

  • AJ Tendick

    Didn’t you buy one of the Wally World fixed gear bikes years ago too?

  • James Norman Woodley

    get one. please get one.

  • Spencer Olinek

    For the love of all things holy on the internet, please do it.

  • awesometown

    Is this any worse than a low end cross bike from

  • Minoru Masuda

    ‘Takara Genkai’ sounds like a cheap liqueur’s name in Japanese…

  • JT

    Thing is, this isn’t being sold at Wally Whirled, but through a third party, much the way that Amazon & Alibaba do. Wally is just hosting the sale. There was a great article about Amazon’s game plans in The Economist a few months back, and one of the challenges they made mention of was Wally trying to muscle in on the innerweb bulk sales using similar tactics. This is just an example of that. Having a central hub for direct and indirect sales is a pretty strong model for driving consumers to your website, if not your stores, as well as pinching more than a few pennies from that third party sale. With that, you can insert your stereotypical ‘buy local’ or ‘the joy of low cost is quickly outweighed by poor quality’ statement at will.

  • Erick Bollmann

    why i like disc on road, gravel, or cx? first, lighter rims forever.. second, two bikes in one (650b monstercross for a cx or gravel bike, and a all road for a road bike)…and in third place the better breaking in all condition…
    why i dont like disc? stiffer forks…..

    • Lighter rims is accurate. Wheels, however aren’t accurate. At all.

      • Erick Bollmann

        I care more about lighter rims than lighter wheels

    • Shredzilla

      I like the idea that my rims wont wear at the brake track, and moving weight to the hub is good as well. Better all weather stopping is good. What happens if you unload your bike and all of a sudden your hydros aren’t right? It’s happened to me before. Rim brakes are soo simple and easy to fix. I think it depends on what you are doing and who you are. Real brakes are rad no matter what they are even a set of Vans.

  • Chris Korbey

    You can also grab some new tubulars while ordering:×33-Grifo-Black-White-Seta-Tubular-Tire/32319987 Whatever their arrangement is, I’m pretty shocked that Challenge allows this to happen…

  • michael p

    do it!

  • Ultra_Orange

    If I could get 200 back I’d be willing to be the lab rat. What’s the weight on this deal of the century?