Festka: New Zero Dazzle Road Nov 20, 2014


Festka‘s work has always has an edge, from their first NAHBS bikes to their artist collaborations, the Czech builders have an eye for design as well as the ability to finely tune carbon fiber as a material. Continuing on their previous Dazzle-inspired road bikes is their new Zero frame.

Complete with Di2 and Rocket Wheels, the paint job on this one is much more profound and incorporates Festka’s new logo and font. It captures your attention but allows the bike to communicate differently depending on the side that you are viewing it from. It was originally designed for Michael, one of Festka owners.

With 1.5″ headset bearings, oversized tubing and a pressfit 30 bb shell, the Zero comes in at 1,300 grams. Not intended to be an ultralight frame, it was designed from oversized tubes and lugs to extend the lifespan of the bike.

See more of this incredible machine below!







  • carchiba

    Love it. Reminds me of old ww1 era Navy ship dazzle camouflage.

  • dontcoast


  • yoooks

    Deathspray called and wants his 2010 paint job back.

  • FireFly


  • Ross Stralia

    OMG this just looks so much fun – love to see the wheels spinning.

  • Ross Stralia

    Love those wheels

  • stefanrohner

    great! Have seen and “touched” Michael ´s bike, top glossy executed paint job! awesome!