Tenspeed Hero’s St. Trophime Men’s and Women’s Jersey Oct 7, 2014





The team at Tenspeed Hero has done it again. This time, their fall drop brings the St. Trophime jersey to both men and women. Named after a small church in Arles and designed by Lauren Ayers, these kits are available now, along with the rest of the fall drop at Tenspeed Hero.

  • Joshua Robot

    Bike Snob once (kindly) called Geekhouse the American Apparel of custom bikes. Perhaps it’s time to (kindly) pass said moniker to Tenspeed Hero?

    Great kits, beautiful people. We’ve come a long way from oversized yellow jersyeys on closeout from Nashbar!

    • bizzishop

      As a not so wealthy person, it’d be great if TSH and others offered some of these pretty bits at a lower cost. Maybe not go all out on fabric quality but still provide some cool jerseys around the $75 dollar mark.

      • Joshua Robot

        Yeah, I feel you about the expense. All I can say is that your ‘taint is worth it :)

      • It’s almost impossible to make a kit in Italy, Japan, USA, UK for that pricepoint. It sucks that China has skewed people’s gauge for how much things should / could cost. $75 is cutting out a lot.