The Sound and the Schralping Oct 23, 2014

We have seen Jared Graves on a bike before, we have seen Canada before, we have heard electro/dub/pop before, and not that any of those things are wrong. I am happy as a clam to watch Mr. Graves absolutely tear apart any trail, but what this video does differently  is the way it deals with its the sound design.

The muffled percussion and submerged staccato of Jared and his bike as he rips down the trail evoke the sensation of riding in a way that I haven’t heard expressed in other videos. Sound designer Keith White has accurately captured the sound of riding, the high tinny clanking goes away, much as it does when riding, as if those sharp sounds those peaks without substance just can’t reach our ears.

What Keith has expressed here is the onomatopoeia of riding, the thwacks, blahps, schralps, fufks, etc that flood our ears while we fly down a trail, the noises that wholly invade our audio system, a compliment to our senses, a full expression of action. Have a look, watch the fun, and pay attention to the sound of shredding.

  • If you haven’t seen the Luke Strobel TMC Raw videos, they’re really similar. Great stuff.

  • lyle driver

    Kootenaylife! I went back and visited my home turf just a few weeks ago. Enjoyed some Perfect autumn mulch. This video conveys the sound, but not the smell of it.

  • Dan Clements

    Beautifully shot and the rider is obviously skilled, however as a trail builder and maintainer I am very tired of videos showing riders that disrespect the trail surface by skidding back tires into corners and riding off the tread, or braiding the line. In many areas riding responsibly has become a requirement as builders/maintainers are called upon by land owners/managers to minimize erosion/surface degradation, environmental and visual impacts. Footage of riders schralping and tearing apart the terrain only serve to fuel and further this riding style in new/young riders. It is time for video producers to stand behind builders/maintainers and help strengthen our ability to work with those in a position to limit our ability to access land for riding by no longer featuring shots of destructive riding techniques

    • Tom P

      Unfortunately it’s gonna fall on deaf ears Dan. Mountain bike videos provide lots of ammo for those who’d like to restrict our access to trails.

      • The Sticky Bidon

        I agree with Dan, and I also don’t think that just because it may fall on some deaf ears doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t attempt to protect the trails we have.

        It kind of reminds me of smoking in movies. We all know it’s bad, and few people think it’s actually cool anymore, but for some reason (not that we don’t know why, mind you) movies are still awash with main characters smoking throughout the entire movie. Would it have any impact on the quality of the film? Nope. Is it crucial to the story or character development? Nope. Is it going to go away? Not as long as cigarette companies want to sell cigarettes.

        I’m not saying that bike companies are paying riders to do big skids and cut trail – obviously that’s not the case. It’s just another one of those situations that we know is detrimental, but aren’t bothered enough to do anything about it. People are weird.

  • GioFio

    One of the best MTB video’s i’ve seen in a long time. Mr. Graves is one hell of a rider, and also an extremely humble dude. Got the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years back, and ride “with” (way behind) him. The video’s a great way to start the day before a ride! Thanks John.

  • Richard Smith

    Really enjoyed this video