Ride Canyons with 13 Year Old Joey Foresta Oct 11, 2014

13 year old me would have been a huge fanboy of Joey Foresta. Hell, 33 year old me is still stoked on this. Thanks for sharing this video, Erik.

  • Video doesn’t do that trail justice… those features are massive and he’s making it look effortless. With all the lift-served freeride/dh building they’ve been putting in, PC’s a great place to be for little rippers!

  • jon

    Woah! Git it lil’ dude! Shit!! He DESTROYED that trail!! Neither 33 year old me OR 13 year old me would EVER be able to keep up with that kid!

  • kermitonwheels

    The kid is fast and fearless. My daughter asked “what’s rad?”. This is rad.

  • Carl Anderson

    Little ripper! I think he has more fun than me.

  • Keith Gibson

    Great to see a kid his age outside and not in front of a tv all day. Thanks for sharing.

  • marco primo

    In the same vein – 10yr Jackson Goldstone rippin’ it. The run bike section at the start of the vid makes laugh