Firefly Bicycles: Lefty 29’r Oct 6, 2014





Let’s see, Barzo 2.25 tires, Lefty, Ti stem to match the sweet Ti frame, segmented stays, Industry Nine. Yep. This is probably one of my favorite Firefly MTBs to date. I can’t stop looking at it!

See more for yourself at the Firefly Flickr. Coincidentally, this is #360 from Firefly! Full-circle indeed guys. Congrats!

  • mywynne

    Not sure why, but I’m always super stoked to see Leftys go beyond OEM spec.

  • Tom

    Love the matching 0-degree stem and Lefty on this; but something not quite right about an FSA crank on this bike. Although it could be just me: FSA just comes off as one of those brands they put on complete bikes when they can’t offer the matching crank to the groupset within a certain price point.

    • IMO, a MTB can “get away” with stuff like that. Cranks get beaten the f’ up on the trails, so why splurge on a high end crank if you live in a very rocky region? I dunno, they don’t bother me that much, but some 2000 grit steel wool would take the logos off…

      • Tom

        De-branding would look better for sure. Valid point about about rocks. I just feel like a Cannondale Hollowgram (would tie into the fork nicely) would look so good on this, but major price difference of course…then again, it is a custom Firefly, with custom stem, and custom seatpost with XT/XTR spec everywhere else, so budget doesn’t really come into play.

        • For sure.

          • Tom

            True enough. I just ordered a set of XTR (2012~ with the polished finished) for my Ti hardtail. Can’t wait to replace the exiting Hope X2 Race which have been very weak. Looking forward to more powerful stopping power.

          • Kevin Wolfson

            But guys, if we had taken the logos off, the cranks wouldn’t have matched the saddle!

  • Congrats Kevin!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This is so so so awesome!