Swift Industries Bicycle Medallion Sep 30, 2014


This is great! If you follow @SwiftIndustries on Instagram, you’ve already seen this bicycle medallion:

“Inspired by the Alpine Hikers’ tradition of decorating a walking stick with trail medallions, Swift brings you the adventure-seeker bicycle badge!”

See more at Swift.

  • James T

    I love this!

  • Dobry

    8 bucks! You could get one for every adventure!

    I wonder if someone makes customized versions of this. That’d be neat: “This badge is for when I did the great divide, this badge is for when I did Boston-Montreal-Boston, this badge is for when I went out to buy milk in a snowstorm …”

  • Richard Pool

    Love seeing design work I did on here, thanks for posting.

  • James Norman Woodley

    I would be better with disc brakes…

  • AttackCowboy

    Such a great badge! Thanks for letting me know about it, now my ride is even prettier.