Richard Sachs Cyclocross Kits Sep 24, 2014


You too can wow fans as you rip around dirty, dusty corners on a cross bike and while you’re most likely not riding a Richard Sachs team bike, at least you’ll look the part. Check out the House Industries-designed Richard Sachs Cyclocross kit pre-order for more information.

  • That Brittlee Bowman = swoon.

    • Dat Chabs tho

      • mywynne

        Nah, can’t beat the Sachs appeal

      • campirecord

        Dat Chabs is sexy but he no match to his sister. That’s his sister, right ?

  • barry mcwilliams

    It’s such a good-looking kit but, and this is my own problem, I just don’t know about riding a Sachs kit and not riding a Sachs bike.

    Granted, I have one of those Sachs caps & wear it all the time…

    • I feel ya.

    • Chris Valente

      I’m with ya. I buy swag from builders I covet like Hunter or Soulcraft but that’s my way of supporting them until I can afford a frame. Not sure I could do a kit though..

  • The Sticky Bidon

    I’m getting a Penguin Classic vibe from that kit. Love it.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Wow, I’m in lust.