The Radavist Redback Kits are Done Sep 26, 2014

Photo by Gideon Tsang

Endo Customs finished up the pre-order for the Radavist Redback kits. They’re shipping them to me here in Austin and will be sent out immediately. Just in time for cross season! Thank you for your patience!

Please note: now is a perfect time to email me with any address changes. Do so by replying to your original Paypal order confirmation email so I don’t have to sort through everything.

I really, really, really appreciate all the support. It means a lot.

  • Excellent! Can’t wait! Sleekness is my weakness!

  • John am I missing something. I just tried replying to the Paypal conformation and it got sent back with an error message. Sorry for the newb question.

  • Damon Bowe

    are there any extras? I want to place an order.

  • Brian Koll

    Nice kit, any extra jerseys for sale?

    • Maybe… I need to send everything out first.

      • colinworobetz

        Hope so!

  • General Principle

    Speaking of cross, perhaps leg/arm warmers to go along with them?

  • C.Silver

    John, I might have ordered a women’s Jersey by mistake. Emailed you the details. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  • Chris Hodges

    Whooooo! Can’t wait!

  • Emil Holt

    Sent you an address update.

  • kennymatic

    Can’t wait!