Huckberry’s Guide to Fall Camping Sep 26, 2014


My friends over at Huckberry put together a nice little Guide to Fall Camping and reached out to me for a few pointers. Yes, you have to sign up for their site, but I always find myself ordering random bits from them, including their vast selection of Made in the USA apparel, bags and accessories from brands like Topo Designs, Woolrich and Danner.

Head over to Huckberry to read all about it!

  • ZianStudios

    Where the people of color at?

    • thebennonite

      Glad to see I’m, not the only one that noticed. Is it trolling to suggest that Huckberry consider adding some diversity to it’s reps?

  • Kyle Kelley

    Why not real eggs if you’re in a car?

    • Note that it says “migas breakfast tacos with scrambled OR dehydrated eggs”

      • Kyle Kelley

        Dehydrated eggs are the worst!

        • No way! You’re just eating the wrong ones…

          • Kyle Kelley


          • No way dude, it’s like beef jerky!

          • Kyle Kelley

            I’m vegan!

          • Matthew J

            If you are vegan why the hell care about real eggs?

          • Kyle Kelley

            Because I party!

          • Stop confusing people!

          • Kyle Kelley

            Sean said we need to have more fun!

          • Sean Talkington

            now i get it! Good job guys

          • Kyle Kelley

            More milking eh?

          • You two need to calm down. Calm down!

          • Sean Talkington

            Now I’m confused again…

          • Kyle Kelley

            God! I forgot how much fun this is!

  • James Jay

    Frozen pizza on a campsite firepit stove, that’s smart.

  • Zach Barber

    Itchin to find out where that bluff spot is.

  • John

    That’s some sweet flannel you go there. Is that from the Huckberry site too? I cannot seem to find it..

  • -Steven

    Those fritos for your breakfast tacos also double as one of the best firestarters out there. They’ll hold a flame in the wind better than most candles.