Fat Chance Bicycles Returns? Sep 10, 2014


Woah!!! So far, this looks promising.


  • Brandon Kline


  • Wade Stevens

    So Fat!

  • Scott Wolfe

    chris is walking around at interbike. get the scoop

  • peterherman

    I would actually buy and ride a mountain bike if this were happening.

  • Chris Korbey

    I’ve been waiting (and saving) for this since the last yo eddy was discontinued…

  • Todd Warnock

    Is this for real?

  • awesometown

    For the love of god, pull chris aside and find out what’s happening!

  • Gabe DeFelip

    I bet they end up looking similar to this:

  • Jachard

    Knowing Chris, delivery will be sometime in 2047…..

  • mp

    Iconic brand with the best branding from that era. Would love to own one, but fear that things have changed drastically since then. (A CF yo-eddy would not be very interesting.) Curious to see how they’ll proceed.

  • Travis Wendel

    O yeah, bring some good steel back!!

  • Carl Anderson

    My 1992 Yo Eddy in SS trailbike mode is still my only mountain bike. I love it so much, but OMFG am I excited for a modern version! I need to find how to give Chance all my moneys!