Hope Tech: One Ring For All Jul 16, 2014

The concept of a narrow-wide ring is by no means original, but companies always have their way of putting a spin on it. Here’s Hope‘s version…

  • sound of da police

    Do you have any experience with their road hubs?

    • I have ridden their road and MTB hubs. They’re super solid. Although I don’t have extensive experience on them.

      • sound of da police

        If given the choice between DT Swiss 240’s, White Industries T11, Hope Mono RS and Industry 9 Classic road for a road race bike.. which would you pick? And do you have any intentions of trying out Pacenti SL23 rims?

        • If I lived in the UK, I’d go Hope. If I lived in Germany, I’d go Tune. US, I’d go King / PAUL / White Industries / Phil. It all depends on the pricepoint you want to achieve.

          The White Industry T11 hubs are an exceptional deal and fantastic hubs…

  • Hope hubs are solid and a super good value, been building with them for over a decade. The only drawback is the freewheeling noise, one of the loudest around.

  • adanpinto

    Steel is real!