Firefly Bicycles: With Kids Gloves Jul 8, 2014


The story goes: guy orders Ti MTB frame from Firefly, then has his kids Linus and Kayla design the paint for it. Circle A then finishes it off. Pretty rad huh? Check out a few more photos below and the full set at the Firefly Flickr!





  • Marty Walsh

    The kids are talented, the top tube looks like Calder! Haha!

  • tylernol

    very neat !

  • Hollis Duncan

    Firefly would y’all share a little about the process i.e. how the marks went down on the frame and how Circle A took it from there. As a father of two, this is my favorite FF by far! Brilliant call on the eggshell off-white too.

  • Sean Talkington

    Pegoretti better watch out!

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    I so want to do this with my kids. I may be replacing my mtb frame shortly. It may get a custom paint job courtesy of my children. Awesome bike!

  • Nathaniel

    That is such a killer idea!

  • Mark Greve

    Kyla’s a little miffed about the misspelling of her name, but the kids are stoked to see it on the blogosphere. While Tyler, Jamie and Kevin take credit for the bike, Jay at Circle A was the paint master. Jay did the paint, then blocked off the panels and did fine grit sanding of the rest so it could pick up the paint. Kids used Montana Acrylic paint markers to do the artwork. Then back to Jay for clear coat, then back to Firefly for the build. I got a sneak peak at the Bones bike and that started the wheels turning. This bike makes me very, very happy.

    • lw

      Mark, you have to tell me more about these Vittoria 29er tires? Can’t find anything on the net about them. Do tell…

      • They’re a sample. I have a pair on my Yeti. Vittoria sent a bunch out to people to “leak” over social… They’re great for quick XC riding, but not so great when you need some bite.