Bike Mag: Packing for the French Maritime Alps with the Acre Hauser Bag Jul 30, 2014


People ask me all the time about what I bring on big bad rides and I thought I had my selection dialed, until I saw this in the Bike Mag Following Cards Day 4 editorial the other day:

“One set of L-bend allen keys; hand pump; 4 tubes; lighter; Euros; US dollars; 5 canadian dollars; housing end caps; cable ends; matchmaker; derailleur cable; chain; EpiPen; first-aid kit; spare bolts; cleats; Time pedals; knife; rope; gloves; zip ties; T-25 torx; chain breaker; chain pliers; electrical tape; chain lube; brake pads; XX1 rear derailleur; multi-tool.”

All that, in a Acre Hauser pack – not to mention one of those ultralight Orion jackets!

  • tylernol

    spoke wrench, spare spoke or two? Sealant? Tire plug kit for larger holes(this came in handy last winter in West Texas when someone in my group got a massive thorn in the tire sidewall.

    • Typically, when there’s four people on a ride, everyone splits the necessities up. I’ve never been on a ride where everyone carries spare spokes, usually just one person does since most people ride a similar spec’d wheel.

      • tylernol

        yeah there were 6 in our group, one person carried the plug kit, one the spokes,etc , although now with 650b bikes making inroads it will be getting complex to have everyone covered spoke-wise. Also another good idea is a spare saddle.

        • I wouldn’t carry a spare saddle, I would just make sure I had a new(ish) saddle. If they break, it’s at the rails and you can always re-clamp around the break.

  • Ted here, did some guiding in France for several summers in a row. Der hangar is a good idea, always good to have those if you have replaceable ones, and buy a C02 if you can, 16g Threaded, works good for der hangar tweaks

    • That’s a great tip!

      • Thanks John, unpacked a guys Cervelo in Grenoble to build it up…ahhh shit, newish model at the time, none to be found. Only better one came from my French buddy, water isn’t super tough to find in France, but cemeteries always have a poachable water spiggot…

  • Dobry

    This is pretty impressive. Although the inclusion of euros, dollars AND Canadian dollars is a little weird. I could imagine being in a place where you are in the US and accidentally bike into Canada. However, if you’ve managed to bike, unplanned, from North America to the Eurozone, you’ve probably reached a state where you no longer need cash.

    • mp

      Canadian $5 because it’s tough/plastic and good for patching a torn tire?

      • Dobry

        Or maybe the picture of Wilfrid Laurier really inspires them to put in a good effort.

  • hybrid

    Hi John, Nice! Is that the Acre 14l or 10l version? Thanks!

    • Not sure…

      • hybrid

        Found it on acresupply instagram. It’s the 14l version.