Shredding at L’Eroica Britannia Jun 27, 2014


Photo by Jack Thurston

As a photographer, I rarely find myself in front of the camera. In this case, I didn’t even know Jack was shooting a photo, I was just ripping and having a blast. Who says you need a 45c tire to shred gravel? Run what you brung.

The Eroica Britannia was a lot of fun. Also, for those who wonder how I carry a camera on rides…

  • Javi

    Ha! Awesome shot! You rockin’ that DSPTCH strap? – I’m never quite sure how to secure my camera on rides.

    • Yeah, it’s a DSPTCH. You don’t need to “secure it”. Just keep it slung over your back like this. The Strawfoot musette keeps it in its place.

  • EmaBen

    radavist ‘run what you brung’ stickers?

  • Harry

    Gettin’ gnar!

  • I named my Piss Tecate!

  • thebennonite

    Descend in the drops y’all!

  • Alexandr Kurashov