The Radavist? Woah Woah Woah… The What? Apr 1, 2014


For almost ten years, Prolly is Not Probably has been one man’s voice. One person’s take on the ever-expanding world of cycling. Over the past few years, I’ve really struggled with the identity of the site. It may not be evident to you, the readership, but I’ve been conflicted for a long time.

When I finally chose to rename and rebrand PiNP, I had to come up with a name that I felt fit the tone, content and projection of where I saw cycling going for myself, as well as the readership. It needed a color and a mascot, or spirit animal that had to still look metal (right?)


Bikes are fucking amazing and I want more people’s voices, photography and experiences on the site. In order to do that, it can no longer be my own voice, it has to be a community.

A community of like-minded individuals who I’ve gotten to know over the years and whose work I respect and admire. These authors will share their stories, photos and yes, even non-cycling related commentary. In short: cycling-related and unrelated.

Onto the elephant in the room, or rather the new name and its jackal-like spirit animal (more on that guy later).


Atavism is a term, first introduced to me by Seth Rosko, four years ago. While the actual definition delves into the human condition, social behaviors and ‘throwback’ phenotypes, it’s the inherent need for all living creatures to play. It’s why dolphins will surf shorebreak, why a sea otter will slide down a rock and why a dog needs to play to be happy and healthy.

In a lot of ways, atavism is what fueled the early days of PiNP. It’s why we began bunny hopping track bikes, or riding cross bikes on MTB trails. It’s why we still do these things.


There’s only one problem with the word… It’s too serious and I wanted it to be more abstract; something we, this new community, could define over time.

For me, and the people I’ve invited to contribute to The Radavist, the ride is just as important as the stories and moments you secure along the way.

The Radavist will always stop for the ‘gram, or to hit that tranny again, or nail the backflip off the rope swing…

You don’t learn unless you try and that means, Rubber Side Up!


Now onto a few key points:

On the left, there is a column called RADAR. It’s the news feed. In the middle is REPORTAGE, those are the galleries. Up top is a toolbar with a break-down showing the most current posts. In the ABOUT section, you’ll find the necessary emails. Please email your video submissions to the video email and products to the products email.


This is a completely new website, we’re still tweaking things. If you see an obvious error, that our tired eyes missed, please contact the Radavist.

  • fizzle

    This is the coolest thing you have done to date. Awesome work.

    • It’s still a mess! Formatting needs to be fixed, small tweaks… but thank you!

  • PNT

    the big step forward. All the best with this project!

  • rogmaraton

    April fff…?

  • Christopher Evan Snider

    Sweet April fools day joke, way to really commit. :)

  • Inspiring

  • sturtlovinggood

    Looks rad! Who did the logo/word mark?

  • K0bi

    Super rad

  • Tom Souzer

    DUDE, this rules, I was just talking to my buddy the other day about how we’ve watched your cycling styles change through the years through the blog. (we’ve been reading the blog for like 5 years now) Keep doing what your doing man. This is so sick.

  • Nice work, John. One obvious problem. Needs more Black and Purple!

  • Davey Nicholas


  • hans


  • D.J. Bolles

    Different and unexpected. Bikes are fucking amazing, you’re right. Looking forward to some incredible shit.

  • adam_perin

    Your website got so hacked!

    • adam_perin

      looks really good sir

  • Zach Kahl

    Well now that Kyle is on board contributing I can’t make fun of Prolly anymore. Many bummers.

  • im all for it. the ‘p’ key has been broken on my keyboard for some time.

  • Badass.

  • Sean Curran

    Looking pretty damn good, look forward to seeing where it heads!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Like it, looking forward to more. Way to keep from idling. Proper.

  • dave c

    Love the layout and rebranding. I see the logo on T’s?

    • Spencer Olinek

      Shirts please.

  • Awesome job. Seriously. And, always up for Chinese contributions!

  • Allen Hopper

    Sick dude. Congrats if this is your next step. If this is just a fool’s joke, it doesn’t matter, because the graphics are… rad.

  • Area45

    Wow John, this looks like it is going to be a pretty rad new direction. Looking forward to the new stuff and turnin’ the pedals with you.

  • Congratulations John. Redefining and redesigning something like this can be really fucking daunting. You’ve done a great job and I look forward to seeing things progress. Cheers from your friends in the Great White North.

  • Kate L.

    Killer rebrand – congrats!

  • G

    Putain, 10 ans! Le temps passe si vite quand on est passionné. Je vous souhaite que du bon pour la suite.

  • Matt Edwards

    Loving the new direction. Page loads are a bit taxed by the large images. You can try optimizing the images for hosting, or possibly look into a CDN for your images coming from wordpress.

    • It’s also the first day of the launch. Higher traffic, etc. Working on everything though… thanks!

  • Richard Dreyer

    I loved your old site and have been reading since the Blogspot days. This looks awesome and I’m excited to follow along! A sincere congratulations from one reader to you and your team. Keep up the great work.

  • Adam Gerberick

    Really nice rollout. Avid reader for about a year or two, didn’t know if you’d been hacked or something, then this. Nice look, nice writeup–I think you’ve nailed both the name and the identity (a graphic designer, can’t help but analyze these things!) Keep it up.

  • Matt Long

    Excellent. April fools or not, I like it.

  • AttackCowboy

    I’m gonna miss the prolific Purple but I’m excited to see where this goes. The only thing that could be better than Prolly’s one man show is Prolly & Friends collective adventures so I expect to enjoy the Radavist!

  • Ryan

    Productivity at work is down 110%. This is excellent.

  • T.C. Worley

    Hands clapping, John. Much to be proud of. :)

  • Spencer Olinek

    Fuck yeah. Keep it up.

  • Phomma

    RIP John Prolly 2007

    • I did a big spin on my fatbike today!

      • ForrestCambron

        Photos or it didn’t happen.

  • From a web development standpoint, I’m just stoked to see this site go responsive. Congrats on the new venture John et al!

    • jonathanawesome

      added a lil bit of that, but there’s a lot more work to do to clean up across viewports. glad you like it!

  • Andy


  • Niko

    Hi John! PiNP has been there for us, the cyclists for a long time. I’ve had the privilege to follow cycling via your eyes for five years now and I have to say that during that time it has been interesting to see how the site has developed and also how you and your preferences and opinions about cycling have changed over the time. The new site looks tits and this new concept seems absolutely great! I wish all the best for you and the Radavist! Will look forward on future stories. PS. The logo is awesome.

  • I’m here too.

    • Phomma

      omg go away dad


        • This is your mother speaking. Both of you hush up now.

  • Tonezan

    Loooong time reader first time commenter – looking forward to the newness. Loved the old site, sounds like this new one will be well suited to your recent and ongoing growth…

  • fuzzy

    blah blah blah… Xo <3

  • Andy Brown

    This looks like one hell of a April Fools Prank….

  • Miles Away

    I feel a bit sad to lose the old PiNP that I used to check in to daily but looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the future. I’m sure you won’t dissapoint.

  • KevinSF

    Looks great! Tshirts!!!

  • Jamie McKeon

    where am i?

  • Not a single hater, is this real life

    • jonathanawesome

      fuck this piece of shit garbage website. who picked this font, a monkey?

  • Patrick Murphy

    This hacker won’t let up! does this mean viking stickers will start selling on eBay for hundreds of dollars?

  • maxt

    does this mean no more PiNP products ?

    • That viking ain’t dying. I’ll do flash sales through Instagram / Twitter once I get an office space. ;-)

  • Chris Tolley

    The REPORTAGE galleries pictures seem to be scaled up avatars rather than full size images. They lack sharpness and they make the entire site feel a lot less clean. Otherwise great. Probably a minor fix.

    • Well… Before to get the sharpest images, I scaled everything at the gallery width = 970. So they’ll look great at 970 and below. All new galleries will be 1800px wide (and sharp).
      There’s no easy fix for it. Unfortunately.

  • mikelanjello

    soooooo april fools?

  • Alan De Anda

    the logo reminds me of the chacal in mexican mythology. i dig it.

  • Alex Bourassa-Young

    Awesome rebrand, looking forward to things to come

  • OdaOnmura

    Your site improved in look and style. Its about time for you to catch up and get beyond camouflage kits. Or, go ride.

  • Tamás Varga

    First thought was you’d been hacked. Then I thought what the actual f*ck. I’m not hating, but this will take some getting used to. But since it is still your posts and photography, it won’t matter too much, we come here for the content.

    All I’m saying is the PINP became a brand over the years, like it or not, and it is strange to see it being wiped out and being replaced by something else. Good luck regardless, I’ll still be coming back for my daily fix.

    • Yeah, I was conflicted for months. Hell, years. But I wanted to do it for a number of reasons…

      Thanks for the support and the insight. Means a lot.

  • Dan

    now send me some stickers pls :)

  • Sylla Robillard

    Beautiful site, smart move. Good things will come out of this new direction.

  • Love the new site. One question/comment: on the new homepage, the JPEGs look more compressed than PiNP. Is this an intentional choice for responsive design and mobile devices?

    • All of the old jpgs are 970 wide, so they won’t look great any bigger. New jpgs are 1600. I wish there was a fix.

  • woof jakarta


  • Ian Stone

    All of the photos on the right side seemed pretty distorted. They’re fine when you open them, just a little pixelated or distorted on the front page. Love the logo.

  • reteptterrab

    I like it….a lot! Atavist is one of my favorite words.
    keep up the good work.

  • Logo/Branding changes can be really hard, but so worth the effort in the end. GREAT JOB! You killed it. This will be the best move you’ve made, I can feel it.

  • So good!! Im pumped for this next step, I really thought that the site was down for good, hell I sent you an instagram msg about it because I thought that it was all over! looks awesome!! your commitment to the site and its future is one few others have… thanks for doing this!!

  • Adam Miller

    “It is an atavistic mentality, a peculiar mix of low style, high speed, pure dumbness, and overweening commitment to the Cafe Life and all its dangerous pleasures… I am a Cafe Racer myself, on some days – and it is one of my finest addictions.”
    –Hunter S Thompson, talking about motorcycles. The same holds true for bikes, I think.

  • Adam Miller

    Any chance there will be a Radavist red aarn chainring?

  • Bob Patterson

    I think you are trying to solve a problem that is not there. But…good luck, anyway.

  • Nice work man, glad to see you pushing new boundaries and pursuing your passion. Passion over profits leads to a happy life and from what I’ve seen by following you these past few years and meeting you a few times, you’re leading one hell of a happy life. Keep up the great work and of course keep shredding!

  • Bayo30

    PiNP, 1 guy … The radavist, a community, what a great idea !

  • Alfredo Canè

    John the important is to move up ;-)

  • i totally feel like i have to re-evaluate my life. ive been wondering whats happening.. considering PiNP Tracko and PC is my morning coffee reading. Congrats on the new site. I figured it out finally from reading the tracko post.

  • Andy Brown

    Are you still going to do monthly calenders? Nudge, Nudge.

    • Yep! It’s scheduled for later on today… ;-)

  • crezo

    I’ve been pretty much a daily reader of prolly for god knows how long, so it’s sAd to see it go. You were a one man blogging machine, and the amount of work and time you must have put into that site is nuts (a huge thanks by the way!).

    So Although I’m psyched to see where the next chapter and this site go to, I’d just hate to see it become a bit of a faceless site and all the work you put in get lost, as PIP was better than nearly every other site out there, and it was all because of you personally. I’m sure having a team with you can only lead to greater things (and actually more of a life for you), but I just wanted to say I hope you keep the prolly name stong in people’s minds who might be new to the site.

    Best of luck for the new venture, and I’ll be a daily reader as always… Just got to upload all my news reader apps now ;)

    Looking forward to see how the rad rocks it in the months to come ;)

  • Zachary Lee Vasquez

    Wow this is great. Seriously. More a lifestyle site/concept than just a gallery or “zine”. Will there be an app also?

    • There’s a mobile-friendly interface. Go to the URL on your smartphone.

      • Zachary Lee Vasquez

        I did. I think I found it. Disqus or something? I signed up basically just to follow this site/page/forum.

      • Tom Souzer

        I check the site mostly on my phone….seems that I can’t access all features, will this change eventually? Seems like I can only see the reportage section.

        • All mobile devices should display the Radar and Reportage in one feed. From there, you can click into each post, from videos to galleries and interact as usual.

  • Jay Elling

    um, when you scroll to the bottom of the front page it……….. never ends!!
    what are you trying to do to our work day John.

  • Reid Oyen

    my only question: will music continue to be a part of radavist?

    • Yep. I’d like to do the Radavist radio in a few months. Music I’m / the other authors are listening to.


    Looking SWEET! Congrats to you JP! I look forward to seeing what the future brings for you guys and the site! A loyal fan!


    Truly inspirational, makes me realize that i gotta bump up me and mine a few notches. What was the first site called? Will there be trivia games for who knows the most history? This is like the matrix. Either way im really really digging this.

  • Rudy

    Nice John! good luck with the new site and branding.

  • Micah Dunn

    As a long time PINP reader, I am stoked to see the new things you and the people in your world have to share. The “rubber side up” parts of the journey are what keep me pedaling to see what’s around the next bend. Keep up the great work. You sir are a cycling goldmine, and I’m happy to see what comes next.

  • wunnspeed

    You probably know this already but Rad in German is a wheel and often how they refer to bikes so the name is pretty damn perfect! Good luck with the new direction. I love the site!!

  • Alexander Tauras

    This was bound to happen eventually as PINP seemed to be outgrowing itself and so far it’s looking killer!! Selfishly hoping this also means even more Cali content.

  • Tom Handy

    I know at first I was a tad skeptical of the new site, but I knew that was just from shell shock of the sudden change. After a week of on and off browsing I can now say that I’ve really come to enjoy The Radavist as it’s own product, and I look forward to reading more stories from those you’ve invited to collaborate with! Cheers man.

  • Ross Stralia

    :-) have a great day, ride