Team Dream Bicycling Team: Chubby Bobcat Shirts and Male Models Mar 6, 2014



Photos by Jesse Carmody

This is too good!

NEWS BREAK- Provocative Photos of Instagram Superhunk Surface!

Los Angeles is a city.  A tough city.  A city that pulls in young vibrantly ambitious male models, willing to do (literally) anything to make a buck and get their name out.  These men are are consistently treated like pieces of hot meat, all the while trading their sexuality in hopes of one day making it “Tracko Big”.  “Its sick and its cruel but that’s just the way it goes in this dirty bitch town”,  says former sex god & male model turned internet bicycle legand Sheldon Brown.  Mr. Hollywood Ultra Romance is no exception to this rule and these new photos are the most recent in a long line of sultry images that have recently popped up.”

Oh… and these Chubby Bobcat T Shirts are for sale too

Check out the other new Team Dream Bicycling Team products while you’re at it:

Chubby Bobcat Pocket T
Tough Cat Pocket T by Kyler Martz
Chubby Bobcat Stickers

Seriously, Sean is killing it!

  • ZianStudios

    those tires are killing it!

  • David Spiva

    What’s going on here? that looks like a Surly LHT, but it has a quill stem.
    I see that behind the seattube pump, and imagine it has downtube shifters. So much swagger.

  • Noel

    Man, this guy’s a frickin’ star! Who’s got some detail shots of that sweet ride in the background?

    • michaelvsShark

      Yeah I want to see more of that LHT. I see Nice Racks up front?, Fat Franks, and that same rear rack/bag combo from his Trek.

      • Poppi is back in Austin this week, I’ll shoot more photos… with even less clothing on this time.

  • AttackCowboy

    Not to mention the sweet new raglan is all its fat-cat glory:

  • JLN

    I initially read it as “Instagram Superchunk”. I was also listening to Superchunk at the time.

  • Ian Stone

    What are the AA shirts you print the Necro stuff on? How’s the fit compared to these?

    • Fit is the same. Large in both.

      • Ian Stone


  • Chris Callahan

    Does anyone have any info on where that front rack is from?