SRAM Launches Force CX1 Cross Group Mar 11, 2014


YES! This looks so good. I never wanted to run a clutch MTB derailleur on a cross bike because they’re tanks, but with the new Force CX1, it looks like they cut down on weight and simplified it a bit. I am stoked.

“SRAM Force CX1: One Less Barrier to Cross The new SRAM Force CX1 groupset is a complete high-performance 1×11 cyclocross drivetrain created by blending the best of SRAM’s revolutionary XX1 mountain bike and road technologies. This is a single-ring, 11-speed complete drivetrain that is lighter, simpler, and tougher while offering a clean look and optimal gear selection for cyclocross. SRAM Force CX1 offers better chain management and smooth shifting no matter the conditions or terrain. It is the only true 1x dedicated cyclocross system.”

See more at SRAM!

  • want!

    • cuppow

      HEY! what are you doing here? :)

  • David

    Looks super good.

  • Ian Stone

    I need this

  • David Hall

    Great times, my wolftooth to X9 Clutch is the best thing i’ve done to any bike ever.

    • Eric Baumann


      • “tanks”

      • Assuming WT will still be able to make their rings after SRAM’s patent enforcement goes through. And I like that WT is making their rings in the USA. They look better too.

        Most people know about the 1×10 with X9 Clutch. It’s not exactly an industry secret. I haven’t seen the Type II X9 personally though. I’ll look into that.

        • zachary wright

          Type II is just the sram jargon for clutch. Also you don’t need the narrow/wide ring with the clutch. I use a 42t dura-ace ring and its fine.

          • Eric Baumann

            It really depends on the type of riding you are doing…as the clutch can only do so much to lock everything down. You can get a pretty solid drivetrain using JUST a type2 RD or JUST a WTC ring, but the MOST solid system is accomplished with both. If you are just commuting or riding around recreationally, a dropped chain here and there isn’t a big deal…but if you are racing, a dropped chain without a fd (to soft pedal it back on) is about the worst thing that can happen (short of a flat tire).

          • zachary wright

            Agreed. I think the main reason mine works is that its a non-ramped ring and has fairly tall teeth. Ideally I would like to see someone make 38,40,42t spider less rings for the sram cranks. Also, I’ll try and hook up a force 22 shifter to an x9 tomorrow and see what happens.

        • nutter

          That’s what my bike is setup with John, check it out next time we ride cross bikes sometime. I love it, feels so smooth and have never had an issue.

        • Eric Baumann

          As far as SRAM’s patent is concerned – I don’t think they hold THE wide/narrow patent, but rather A wide-narrow patent on the specific tooth profile that they have developed, which is BASED on the wide-narrow design that been around for decades. That was a mouthful haha.

          I think WTC, Raceface, E13, etc are all in the clear so long as they are all using slightly different versions of the same concept.

      • Ian Stone

        Do you have any source online that says x9 can be used with 11 speed?

        • Eric Baumann

          soon i will verify…then i will let you know ;)

        • zachary wright

          I tried an x9 derraileur with a red 22 shifter today and it worked fine. The cable tension has to be pretty much perfect for it to work well but that seems to be the case with all 11 speed stuff. I had to let the low limit screw almost all the way out to get it to reach the easiest gear, so some frame/wheel combos it may not reach all the way unless you get creative. But for the record, it can be done.

    • Harry Major

      could agree more. Disc brakes and clutch rear mechs on all bikes going forward. The tourer loves friction shifters and clutch rear mechs.

  • Richard Smith


  • btdubs

    It’s a cool idea for a pure race bike or a winter bike… but for everyday use/versatility I prefer my close rear spacing 12-27T and 46/36T double. Keep it traditional, yo. Shouldn’t be getting out of the big ring in a ‘cross race anyway.

    • I have never raced in the big ring dude. So 1×10 makes sense. Also, with the ability to run a 34-36t rear and a 40t front you get tons of range. I’ve only raced cross a few times but I always drop a chain either on rough descents or trying to shift up or down to avoid ridin cross-chained. My XX1 on the Tallboy makes total sense – no reason not to adapt yet another MTB tech for cross…

      • Eric Baumann

        HERE HERE! I have run a 40t front and 28/32t top end on the back for a couple years now…racing, road rides, several d2r2’s…the only thing that drivetrain isn’t ideal for is touring/fast road riding.

    • Ian Stone

      I ran 11-28 and 36/46 and never once shifted to the big ring. 1x is perfect for a race bike.

  • Adam

    I have used a wolftooth 40t ring with a rival rear derailleur for a little while now and have not dropped a chain once. I have not raced on it but I have ridden it on the road a bunch as well as on really really rough trails with no issues at all. I love it.