No Garmin No Rules Feb 18, 2014


I’m just as guilty of it as you probably are. Trying to ride at least 30 miles, or maintaining an 18 mph average, or climbing 8,000′. Numbers can quickly ruin a ride’s dynamic. Do you ditch your Garmin? Try it, but if your stem’s feeling naked, what do you cover it with?

Check out these No Garmin No Rules decals Chas and Jen made. Pick up two for $2 at No Rules or get one free with a tube purchase at Golden Saddle Cyclery!

  • Ian Stone

    I love the sticker, but my Garmin would get in the way of it : /

  • Chris Valente

    shit I was just about to finally pop for a Garmin too. But I hate rules :/

  • quesofrito

    what’s a garmin?

  • David

    I don’t even go to the fridge or take the trash out with putting it on strava.

  • caliente

    I let my sensations tell me how fast I’m going. But I also use my strava iphone app so I can geek out about where I went and how many feet of climbing I did.

    • Liando

      this is like a strava ad right here

  • CJ Arayata

    should definitely say “no garmins, no masters”

    • Jake Kruse

      yeah, this seems like a missed opportunity.

  • nope.gif

    No Garmin or any computer because it looks silly and is obsolete unless you’re adventuring or a wannabe racer. Strava only because I like to know how how many miles I have on certain components and when it’s time to clean clean the drivetrain.

    • David

      Yuppers. Strava is just a tool for accumulation knowledge for me, and fun to see where other people are riding and explore for new routes close to home.

  • Vanian Serling

    Got mine today. Doesn’t fit on a 100mm Thomson X4 :