Giro: The Empire ACC Jan 28, 2014


Yesterday I was wearing my first-edition Giro Empire lace up road shoes. Ever since I first put those shoes on, I couldn’t get over how comfortable they were, right out of the box. There was virtually no break-in period.

Now they’re the only road shoes I wear. I’ve found that the laces actually allow for a lot more wiggle room and stretch than traditional buckles or velcro, meaning I don’t need to adjust them at all once they’re on my feet. Also, the laces have never come out of the loops, which is a concern of many people.

My only qualm with the first edition Empires is that I don’t always want to wear patent leather, which is why I love the new offerings (not pictured: white, because I hate white shoes). The all matte black, black and fluoro orange / yellow look amazing.

Check out more at Giro and yes, I’ll post my pair of well-used shoes later this week.

  • Ryan Combdon

    Thanks for the quick review on the Empire ACC.
    Have you tried the Giro Republic at all? I’ve been drooling over the Republics for a while now and not many LBS’ stock Giro in my area. So i haven’t been able to see if my feet are too wide.

    • Alex Forbes

      I’ve been wondering about those myself, a little easier in price for me too.

      • I have worn them, but not for an extended period of time. They don’t accept road cleats though, only MTB.

  • I don’t understand how they’re already out of stock in my size. I was waiting for these in November…

    • It looks like the Matte Black/Fluorescent Orange is available now in all sizes

  • Jordan Freymiller

    Love wearing vans authentics because I have (in the cycling world) a wide foot. The empires fit perfect. No break in, laces don’t slip, and with my cleat system (speedplay zero) are really really light. Agreed on the patent leather though

  • Tony

    I wear SIDI megas, will these be okay for me [wide feet]?

    • I do too and I think they would be but go to a shop and try them on.

      • Tony

        Good to hear – will have to do that, soon.

  • Prince Racster

    would you say its worth the 275 price tag ? cause they look amazing

    • Yes, considering I haven’t worn the $400 Rapha shoes I bought in months!

  • P. Cochran

    Have you found the lack of ventilation to be a large issue on longer rides? I’ve been riding Lake CX236’s for 3years and these would be a welcomed change, but I def don’t want to be stuck with sweaty feet all days.

    • Not at all and it gets hot here.

      • P. Cochran

        Lovely, ordering now.

      • P. Cochran

        I pulled the trigger on the previous model Empire and am very impressed thus far, though I am super interested to see how the material ages… are you still intending on posting pictures?

  • David Rangel

    How are these for wider feet? I run the Giro Trans and Factor HV (high volume) and love them. I think the laces might provide a decent amount of leeway, but the skinny footbed is more my concern…Opinons?

  • Marc Jones

    Bought these in the 44 same as my Rapha GT. These fell narrow. Length seems ok. Can’t decide if I should size up. As daft as it sounds – any views on the “pinky” room stretching a little after wear? Thanks for any “worn in user” insider info.