Boda Boda NYC: A to B Race Dec 17, 2013

Alleycat footage from Boda Boda will always get me pumped to ride. Any bike. So good!

  • charlesojones

    Video just tries to glorify irresponsible riding.

    Next time you’re riding and get cut-off by someone driving a car, give thanks to the knuckleheads like those in this video. Paybacks can be a bitch sometimes.

    • ZianStudios

      Don’t be obtuse.

    • Sebastian

      I fail to see your point. I’m not sure the average driver cutting off cyclists even knows what Boda Boda, or an alleycat for that matter, are. I think the next time I get cut off by a driver I’ll just continue to, you know, get pissed at the driver.

    • Jaap

      that’s like saying racism is okay because 5 afro-americans robbed a deli.. Besides, the riding in the video doesn’t seem all that crazy.

      nice footage! awesome music! really looking forward to my visit of NYC

    • No one cares dude…. Drivers are just pissed at cyclists because we occupy their space. It doesn’t matter how we ride. It’s also contextual. NYC is unlike any other city in the US. No worse than 100s of people jay walking at every light!

    • Austin Jackson

      Shut the fuck up. Spoken like someone who doesn’t know shit about shit.

  • more importantly than the silly commentary… BODA BODA MOTHERFUCKER!
    Thanks for posting this up duder

  • melkior

    Charlesojones, don’t worry dude, you ain’t alone. Bunch of fucking knuckleheads weaving in and out of peds (care less about cars, but whatever) acting like pricks. Everybody is just trying to get from one place to another, whether you are a car cutting off a cyclist, a ped in a bike lane or a cyclist xing a ped in a crosswalk, you shit don’t stink and you ain’t perfect, so why glorify it?

    • Austin Jackson

      To celebrate the spirit of competition, dumb shit.

      • melkior

        Nothing like ruining someone’s day by nearly hitting them in the crosswalk while they have the light just so you can have a warm fuzzy moment about being all counter-culture with stupid hipster jockness.

        • That same person also jaywalks or walks out into the bike lane on their cellphone – the only difference is, no one is shooting video of their daily routine. Ever live in NYC? It ain’t Portland…

          • charlesojones

            I won’t deny that riding in NYC is unique in some respects. While I’ve never lived there, I have family that does and I’ve ridden there many, many times. The video just tries to glamorize this style of riding which will undoubtedly be emulated by a crop of non-NYC posuer-fixie-wanna-bes that live elsewhere.

            And contrary to your opinion, many people do care – particualrly those who have been hit before or those who have had cycling friends killed by aggressive drivers. We collectively reap what we sow – both good and bad.

    • charlesojones

      Several decades of racing, training and commuting by bicycle have taught me a few lessons – mostly the hard way. As cyclists we ALL get credit for the bad behavior of others. The driver in the car the flicks you is likely pissed off from numerous other encounters in the past, it had nothing to do with you. I can’t help it that there are many cyclists out there that are either unwilling or incapable of connecting these dots.

  • Chris Pollack

    Always look forward to these videos just for the comments.