Necronomicog Nature is Metal Pocket T-Shirt Pre-Order Nov 20, 2013



To make everyone happy, I’m doing a pre-order. It will stay open until Saturday morning and I’ll be placing the order the following Monday. Shirts will take a week to print, so expect them to ship out December 2nd!

There is nowhere more serene than nature but don’t lower your guard, because as enchanting as it may be, the ‘wood will swallow you whole. Nature is metal and is best enjoyed by bike. Sometimes the best thing for one’s mind is to be alone with their bike, and a fire, or simply put: atavism.

Designed by myself and penned by Kyler Martz, these American Apparel pocket tees were printed up here in Austin by the super metal folks at Industry Printshop.

Scoop up one right now for $25 plus shipping in the PiNP Web Shop!

***THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. If you ordered your shirt on Tuesday, November 19th, it will ship this Monday!***

  • Sorry about the wackiness in the shop. Everything’s good to go now!

  • Thomas Blessington

    Have you sold out of the Mediums and Larges? It’s only showing Smalls as in stock.

  • Finn E Zygowski

    sold out of the big boi sizes already? c’mon dog.

  • Mawie

    Do a Preorder and makes everyone happy. Even if u charge usd30 the extra $5 means peeps are supporting your work, ur travel, films etc….. Sigh. :(

    • Doing a pre-order next week!

      • Ian Stone

        Pre-order on the same shirt?

        • dontcoast

          YES PLEASE> want to pre-order. I am not the graphic t-shirt buying type but MUST HAVE THIS!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    sonufabitch! i literally slept on this. please please do a pre-order! this and the Topo x PiNP belt – the perfect holiday gift for myself! LOL

  • disqus_xAoaafjbJU

    Yay! I just put in my order. thanks john!

  • ARNO

    i wanted to order 2 shirts (1 L , 1 M) but the system allowed me only to get two shirts in the same size.
    So if possible i’ll like to get them 1 L 1 M if possible, even if the order has been registered as 2 L shirts.
    If that’s a problem don’t worry.

  • Rod Munch

    Stoked! Now, how to break it to my other t-shirts that one will have to go…?

  • Tyler Morin

    Any chance of adding a xxl to the pre-order?

  • P Shanks

    any updates available on when the pre-orders should ship?

    • There was a delay from AA on the shirts. They SHOULD be done this week hopefully…