Panty Raid: How to Fix a Flat Oct 1, 2013

A little while back, Jen from Panty Raid had an idea: incorporate her two passions (bikes and lingerie) into a video. Of course Golden Saddle had a little to do with it as well…

  • That’s brilliant.

  • disqus_T2k4ckz7gR

    ok this has nothing to do with a flat…

  • Molly

    Love it! I really like that dress she’s wearing. The guys at the end made it though.

  • Wade Stevens

    Kyle is hysterical at the end. Half expected to see him on Fyxo’s gold couch.

  • Dustin

    So nobody patches tubes anymore?

    • replace the tube, patch the old one when you get home, while you smoke a bowl.

  • Rawson Adams

    lol nice