I Understand the Part About Coffee Oct 24, 2013

NSMB lays down the 30 or so steps to becoming a mountain biker. I skipped all this and went straight to coffee. Where’s the part about growing out your leg hair and leaving your lycra at home? That ain’t happening…

  • Mo Shizzle

    all of the above.

  • Agleck7

    See “XC racer”


    good stuff

  • Danny Waskiewicz

    The tree bit got me.

  • naisemaj

    I may not BE faster when I wear lycra on my mountain bike, but I sure do FEEL faster!

  • Ian Stone

    how could they forget about the beard??

  • Jamie McKeon

    Yo that dog absolutely killed me! This is the best video i have watched in ages, thank you John. I already have a dog like that I just need a bike…

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    This is seriously the best video you’ve ever posted.

  • Alex Forbes

    I am so guilty of quite a lot of these…haha great video though. The ferns in front of the camera “nature shot”

  • Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

    That’s pretty spot on haha

  • btdubs

    Lycra on a mountain bike is comfy, but impractical.

    Tears too easily when I fall.