Save Your Ass Sep 8, 2013

A lot of people ask me about Ass Savers and from the little experience I’ve had with mine (hey, it never rains in Austin), I’d say they’re pretty damn good! Here’s a little video showcasing the simplicity of the Ass Savers design.

  • Marc Wilkinson

    I always bring my Ass Saver with me. I live in Vancouver and it rains often enough, so when I get out of class I know I’ve got something to keep me dry on the ride home. I’ve seen some comparable ones that tuck into seatstays, or around the post (PDW) but this is the smallest and easiest, and I think it looks great too.

  • jmilligan718

    It’s brilliant. There when you need it. Hidden away when you don’t. Lightweight. Not ugly. Cheap.

  • Sean Curran

    I had not so great luck with mine, it warped and lost its structural rigidity. Maybe it just didn’t interface well with my spec. romin saddle and it caused it to bend funny, but its a pretty typical saddle.