Icarus Frames: Sportiff Road in Tokyo Sep 9, 2013



Blue Lug Japan has been supporting Ian from Icarus Frames for some time now. It all started with a few track bikes, then a road bike here and there, but this frame in particular really resonates with me. With a little more casual geometry, a SON generator light, custom stem and pretty balleur parts selection, you can’t help but think of all the rad rides and roads this thing will see.

Check out more photos at Icarus Frames!

  • Devin Jones

    the frame looks like it needed compact geo to increase the size of the headtube. There’s no reason why they should be running spacers with that extended steer clamp on that stem.

    • There actually is a reason Mr. Know-It-All. It’s a shop bike, to be sold. What shop cuts the steerers down on complete bikes? Especially ones that are custom.

      If shit like that bothers you enough to point out, you’re clearly too uptight.

      • Devin Jones

        My mistake I thought this was made specifically for someone at the shop. I didn’t think it was to be sold to the general public. My bad, I understand the reasoning. This bike beautiful in every way and I had no intention of taking away from that.

        • Life lesson: don’t be a dick online. Especially when the very thing you’re critiquing on someone else’s work has been ignored on your own.

          You represent a bike shop and a good one at that. Being a dickface makes that bike shop look bad.

          Be more positive and you’ll enjoy life.

    • Jared Jerome

      I can’t believe this is a real comment.

  • chris campbell

    Awesome to see this one built up!

  • roger ailes

    what an elegant put down. yall should read some more of this kids (devin jones) comments and see what a fggt he is.

  • icangetuatoe

    “Balleur” – I hope that was intentional.

  • Doug M.

    without being able to see the geometry, that actually looks like a refreshingly practical road bike.

  • Jamie McKeon


  • btdubs

    I forsee light-to-medium duty touring bikes, gravel and road capable as the trend of the next couple years.