Mission Workshop and PiNP Tour China’s Yangtze River Delta Mar 12, 2013


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When this project was first proposed to me, all I thought was “this is too good to be true” and after what seems to be a maddening process of pulling everything together, we’re good to go! Here’s the official blurb from Mission Workshop:

“Follow John Watson of Prollyisnotprobably.com and the Mission Workshop crew as they ride through China’s Yangtze river delta on a photo exploration of bike culture with the help of the guys at Factory Five. Visit the Mission Workshop Blog as they travel through the world’s largest urban population in Shanghai and also explore the ancient architecture of the Chinese countryside.”

To start off the trip, I’ll be in Taiwan in time for the Taipei International Cycle Show before we fly out to Shanghai. This is one part of the world I’ve always wanted to see and I cannot wait to share my photos with you all.

Expect daily updates both here and on the Mission Workshop blog, as well as on Instagram @JohnProlly @MissionWorkshop.

  • That sounds like it’ll be one hell of a trip. Looking forward to seeing the photos and reading the stories. Have a great trip.

  • Enjoy and be aware that you need a VPN something to post freely from Mainland China, as many of our beloved social media is blocked. And you don´t want to make a Douban account ;) I´ll be watching things from Japan.

  • ZianStudios

     If you didn’t already know, chinese metal is apparently pretty good

  • have fun! don’t forget to bring a jacket.

  • Rex Zion

    see u in Shanghai & Hangzhou,but I’m afraid facebook and twitter are all blocked here in China,

  • arlcyclist

    6,000 dead pigs are so pumped on your arrival they decided to float down the river to Shanghai to greet you.