Knog: The Road 2 Seeing Light Mar 4, 2013


At this point, no light should need replacement batteries, especially when USB charging is so easy. I’ve gone through dozens of lights and I keep coming back to Knog‘s Blinder series. This isn’t meant to be a review, just a “stoked” meter reading for the new Knog “seeing” lights. Last week at Frostbike, Knog unveiled the Road 2. I can’t wait to see more.

  • sorry to state the obvious, but there are rechargeable lithium batteries within USB lights. lights without batteries are powered by a dynohub and even they have capacitors.

  • Michael Henry

    Have you had any issues with the straps breaking? I’m looking for a new set of lights and I keep hearing reports of Knog’s straps having to be replaced over and over. How about yours?

    • jdubyargh

      I have had to replace one light’s straps. The replacement faceplate fell of. I love the lights otherwise though!

      • Michael Henry