Levi’s® 2013 Commuter Line Jan 31, 2013


The Levi’s® Commuter Line is in its third season and the line has come a long way since the first year’s offerings. New for 2013 is the Commuter Parka, Commuter Shorts and Commuter Cargo Pants, along with the classic Commuter Trucker, Chambray and Jeans. Check out the line at your local Levi’s® flagship store, or here online.

  • Looks like I have a new jacket.

  • Pretty nice. I’ll stick with Cadence though.

    • The new Twill pants rule!

      • Chris Loudermilk

        Does Dickies have a commuter short option?

    • Ian Stone

      I love my Cadence stuff, but those Commuter shorts are bitchin’

  • I have a few pairs of these jeans and really like them, Levi’s has come out with a nice alternative for those of us that can’t afford Outlier just yet.  Nice to see them come out with some button up shirts and khaki style pants. Probably going to pick some of those up.  

    • primotapia

      Do you know if the jeans have zipper flys now? I remember series 1 having button flys.

  • Not made in the USA, right?

  • Mary Ralph

    Ugh women ride bikes, too! I need a growth spurt before I can enjoy these.

  • Hurtin’ Albertan

    Still only slim fit. A bummer for the cyclists with the quads. I’m 6′ and 170lbs but I’ll be damned if I can squeeze in to a pair of 511s

    • Hurtin’ Albertan

       I take that back…I see there is a 505!

  • wallingsworth

    pre-faded jeans, yuck. ya, no thnx.

  • i love how the parka aint waterproof.