If you can’t tell, I’ve been relaxing in Portland with the lady. We’ve spent a great deal of time outside the city (isn’t that why people move here?) and it’s been great. This Recent Roll is dedicated to those #NatureVibes…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Dmrbrad

    Looks beautiful out there dude,well captured.

  • silver motherfucking creek.

  • Jdhhsept

    are you touring around in the westfalia van?

    • I wish!

      • Jdhhsept

        damn! i love those things.

  • Hans

    wish #12 was right in front of me and real right now

  • Aaron

    #12 is straight up road porn.

  • SP

    What beach is that? I need a good beach to go to, and have yet to find one within day-trip distance of PDX.

    • Kershawbrown

      Looks like indian beach at ecola

      • SP

        Awesome, thank you!

        • Yep! They filmed the last scene in Point Break there.

  • Some real gems in there, cool shots!

  • Lmwong

    Mmm, alligator nuts.

  • Fantastic imagery. How do you get your photos from analog to digital in such great resolution? 

  • Damm i also want to be able to go out and shoot with the hassy that much. Jealous. The 50mm distragon is also mad.