Messengers Aug 20, 2012

If you’ve been a regular at any NYC alleycat in the past decade, chances are you’ve seen Daniel Leeb there with an entire crew documenting it. He’s been compiling video for the past ten years and has reached the point where he’s ready to do something with it. From the looks of the trailer, Messengers is a documentary about alleycats in NYC, following two key figures: Felipe and Alfred.

Cinecycle has a Kickstarter, so head over to help out.

  • Steel

    ((1:52)) 5 stair gap to Carbon fail, awesome!!!!

  • thebigkick

    Reminds me of my love affair with motorcycles.  I’ve always wanted a motorcycle.  I’ve always wanted to experience the thrill, excitement, and all the other great things along with it.  Although, I have this deep seeded feeling that it would ultimately decide my fate.  And that is crushed under a car or over a guard rail somewhere.  So I play it safe on my commuter bike and stay in the bike lanes. 

    I have tons of respect for these guys and envy them.  I could never be a NYC messenger so I sit on the sidelines and watch in awe. 

    Great vid makes me miss NYC.

  • ZianStudios

    honestly i hope they get their funding. always love the seriousness and drama of an alleycat

  • what is the song on 1:44 o broke my head but i didn’t make it ?