2012 Rapha NE Gentlemen’s Race Jul 27, 2012

The 2012 Rapha NE Gentlemen’s Race was no joke. Over 120 miles and racking in over 13,000′ of elevation through the countryside of New Hampshire and Vermont. I don’t care, that shit looked fun.

  • traskVT

    my homeland!

  • It’d be awesome if Rapha would post GPS routes and also PDFs of the cue sheets, maps and elevation profiles of the Continental and Gentlemen’s rides.  I’ve been making the suggestion for a while.  Maybe you can get someone over there to think about it.
    Bill Strickland sent me a link the map for the route he planned for the 2011 ride 
    http://www.mapmyride.com/s/routes/view/road-cycling-map/pennsylvania/kutztown/33003878Still want to ride that roller coaster where I grew up and started riding.

    Since there are women’s teams, a real Gentleman would change the name …

  • Msurch

    This route is a must-do. Load it up, rope some comrades, and savor.

  • Eric Baumann

    to be honest, this video is a nice rapha promotional piece, but a pretty poor representation of what the race/day actually was. a great route for sure though, well worth riding, just maybe not in a monsoon (which is what happened).

    • Eric, this video is somber and simple. You don’t need a lot to gather what kind of ride this is. If it were over the top, it’d be cheesy.

      • Eric Baumann

        I don’t mean it like “they didn’t capture how difficult the ride sounds based on the numbers.” What I mean is that it looks like the camera crew hid in their cars during the 2+ hour MONSOON and subsequent equipment-destroying mud-fest that resulted (and took almost half of the teams out of the race due primarily to non-existant brake pads). 

        For the majority of those who participated, the ride was anything but “somber and simple,” that’s my issue with the vid. 

  • ian

    God I love rapha videos.  Everything I love about biking