Lucas Brunelle: Line of Sight – Official Trailer Jun 12, 2012

Lucas Brunelle‘s DVD Line of Sight is now available for pre-order on his website. Check out the official trailer above and pre-order a copy of this DVD here. It’s slated for a July 1st release.

  • autophile

    Any idea if its different from what’s been shown at BFF before?

    • Christhormann

      This is more on the documentary sides with alleycat footage. A little more personal I would say.

    • YES, this one is 60 mins vs. 30 mins with more action and 16mm film

      • autophile

        Sounds good

  • Faz

    Right click, buy.

  • Ben

    Pre ordered !! thanks for the new :)

  • geza_szines

    I’d be more interested in the movie about the ECMC2010 held at Budapest, and Mr Brunelle filmed it, but we’ve never seen the videos since. Of course this looks nice too.

  • Isanyoneoutthere69

    I love watching his videos so this is a must buy.

  • Jack Lewis

    What’s with the guns?

    • Hunter

       they’re awesome?

    • this was a chase through the mountains with real guns and blank ammo

    • backlyt

      Haha I’m the guy on the red bike with the Uzi. This looks amazing Lucas.

  • Whoa, he’s clearly been saving the best footy for the full release. 

  • wow, critical mass has really changed.

  • Jake Ricker

    So pumped!

  • FYB


  • Cyclismo679

     Way to ride like asshats in Copenhagen, let’s make sure drivers start hating cyclists there, too.

  • German Flea

    I wonder why people hate bike riders???

  • Tom


  • Geniy

    Give the performer of this song?????

  • Geniy

    is a cool bike

  • Geniy

    what is this song?