Breakbrake 17: Torey’s 29’r FGFS Serpent Jun 7, 2012

When I see bikes like this, all I hear is “KABOOOOOOOOM” “CRUUUUSHHHHH” “CLANNNNG”. The sounds of a big-boy bike. 29’rs will always look more bad ass than 26″, sorry! Check out more of this mother fuckin’ beast at the Breakbrake 17 blog. Torey, this shit looks raw as hell.

  • Wrahw* as hell.

  • adam

    any idea why that nano raptor is mounted the wrong way?

    • Chrisclappe

      probably because who gives a fuck

    • Dontcoast

      clearly it’s for additional side knob deflection to facilitate tire slides while riding street at higher pressures

    • Sol_smith

      more ride less tire mounting

  • Nsunghyunkoo