Die Cut Vinyl Viking Decals in Stock May 1, 2012

I got these printed up for #RideNStyle weekend by Luv Sik Graphix but I wanna give you guys a chance at picking some up.


Yes, I received everyone’s Paypal and accounted for the stock. You’ll get yours!

  • Coop

    I’m trying to swoop two, but when I click the link it sends me straight to my PayPal account page.  Am I doing something wrong?

    • Coop

      Well, looks like I missed out.  :/

  • norsehor

    I just sent john a payment via Paypal when I couldn’t get the transaction to go…i hope i get a couple

  • 6twenty5

    I am running into the same problem, just sends me to my account page. I want a few.

  • Mel Seeger

    made by http://www.luvsikgrafix.com, thanks for your business! – mel

  • Sean Martin

    Thanks for the Support John and it was good seeing you in SF!!!!
    http://www.luvsikgrafix.com/ is where John got them made, if anyone wants custom decal work!!! 

  • Laxinis


  • Let me know now if it’s working guys.

  • Allencarlson08

    i would but my last order of stickers never showed up,haha

  • just saw this, hope you make another batch

  • Guerrad25

    What bars are those?