Wolf Drawn: Farewell Volume Edit Apr 11, 2012

Matt‘s saying bye to Volume to pursue other opportunities and as a thank you, he put up a rather slick edit. Spine tire slide, ledge roll, t-bog, one-handed table and whip skid drop looked balleur. Along with just general, fast riding. I think FGFS needs to not have rules and just be fast and fun. This shit looks good. If and when Matt Spencer goes to 26″, It’ll be just as fun to watch though. Style is style, regardless of wheel size.

  • Tyler Johnson

    “Style is Style regardless of wheel size” could not have said it any better myself man!

  • bombhillsnotcountries

    That’s the truth John 100%

    Good Luck to Matt wherever he goes…

  • all fun and games till this t-bogzilla landed. dudes still rippin,  still my favourite fgfs rider. probably all time! his first leader edit just hyped me so bad, and this one is even worse. in a good way

  • Zakt

    When Matt goes to 26’s, i’m over fixed freestlye

  •  My favorite rider without a doubt. His v2 thrasher build is one of my favorite builds as well. Modeled my thrasher after it. http://imgur.com/a/LfC9Z  End of an era.

  • 6fuck6fuck6

    He whips his bike around like nothing, if he went to 26″ it would be like a toy for him haha

  • DrugFree

    He only just joined them from leader didn’t he?

    Ah well… Either BB17 or LDG i reckon

  • Jon

    i heard hes going to skylmt