Keith Anderson: Wilting Rose Apr 11, 2012

It’s really hard to not post just about every photo Keith Anderson puts up on his Flickr, but it’s impossible to not post this one in particular. He recently acquired a De Rosa, fit for restoration and knowing Keith’s work, it’ll be over the top. I really loved the wilting paint shown here though.

  • Simon Kirscher

    What produce is he using to scrap the paint off?

  • Thibs00

    The job made by Keith is really nice on every bike and I really wish mine could visit his paintingroom however I don’t really see the need to replace the original paintjob from the De Rosa for exemple? Would you prefer to keep it original in good condition (this one didn’t look bad) rather than to replicate it fully as new?
    Anyway, good job!

  • My philosophy is that paint is a wear item, just like tires. I believe that a reproduction paint job should enhance the aesthetic, not unlike the restorations seen at Pebble Beach. I try to represent the bike as the builder intended, on the very highest level.
    Thanks for posting the photo, J.

    • Thibs00

       Thank you for ansewring! Cheers