Flavor Cycle: Food Delivery in Milwaukee Apr 2, 2012

Snap! Delivery in Brooklyn really started a chain reaction in how bicycle-powered food delivery companies can work. When Alex moved to SF, he spawned TCB Courier and now, in Milwaukee, Kevin and Peter from COG Magazine have started Flavor Cycle. We all know this is far from easy to achieve and I wish these guys the best of luck. If you’re in Milwaukee and work in their delivery zone, make sure you help these guys out! Thanks for the heads Earl!

  • Bob Lob

    Uhhh… TCB was started well before that cauliflower-eared lisper moved to SF. Tho I really enjoy hearing him say Than Franthithsco. (omg, iPhone auto-predicted Franthithsco)

    • Was it? Did they deliver food before Alex moved there? I didn’t think they did…

  • malcolm the wolf

    you should give a shout out to Quickness delivery in Richmond, VA!!

  • sorry charlie

    uptop and snap in chicago. three years in.

    • Snap’s been around longer than that… /splittinghairs

      • sorry charlie

        im sure. only noting.

  • Cowtowncouriers

    I actually just started my own bike courier service here in Kansas City, MO for food and parcels. Check us out at cowtowncouriers.com. Glad to see more bike businesses around the country!