Soundtrack Paris: Pegless Jam 5 Mar 19, 2012

Here’s the official Pegless Jam 5 video from Soundtrack. I’m still confused by this. I only see Sol and Oscar going pegless here. Can someone explain? I guess it doesn’t really matter because they both killed it.

  • analanon

    what r you confused about? there too bitch to ride pegless over in gay paris

    • Pegless jam = no pegs or at least you don’t use them for feebles and shit IMO…

      • Tomypunk

        It’s something historic !
        The park is not allowed for pegs except for this week end !
        This event was mixed with a bmx event, and the three first edition was pegless, know we can use pegs only the week end on the contest !!! But we have keep the name pegless, so know this is pegless jam with pegs ;)

  • Zac

    It reads “Pegless Jam 5: Avec Pegs!” In French, “avec” means with. So its a pegless jam, with pegs. Not sure what it really means, but thats what the title says.