Recent Roll: Icarus Frames


Recent Roll: Icarus Frames


It’s getting to the point now where I feel like I take more and more 35mm photos when I’m out of town. My Canon AE-1 is lighter, more durable and with the 50mm f1.4 lens, I’m never disappointed with the outcome. Not to mention how buttery smooth the new Kodak Portra 800iso film is. Seriously, this shit is gold!

When I was up in Somerville visiting Ian at Icarus, I took some photos for a Recent Roll entry. Check out more below!


Here’s his Leviathan hanging above his computer.


Ian was working on a fork when I showed up.


With the fork ends and blades awaiting brazing.


Now that it’s warmer in the Boston area, Ian will be bringing his parrot back into the shop. Seriously, the dude has a pet parrot.


Ian was describing the process of brazing up his fork and my aperture was open too much.


A comparison of a True Temper chainstay next to the Columbus MAX chainstay.


The seat tube cluster is like the third eye to the soul.


Even builders gotta check their Twitter once and a while… Thanks to Ian for letting me put my camera all up in his face that day!

Burning the Wax from the Feathers: Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames