Lance Armstrong Foundation Headquarters Jan 23, 2011


Yeah, it’s been a while right? I haven’t posted much architecture here as of late. Mostly because I haven’t really seen enough work that’s worth the mention. I know that’s a bit cynical but it’s true. That’s until I saw Lake / Flato‘s latest work for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Now with all the doping allegations flying around Lance, it’s easy to forget what he’s done for cycling in Austin and cancer research. I have my own opinion about finding a cure for cancer, which I won’t go into here so let’s just focus on the lovely photos of the Lance Armstrong Foundation HQ provided by Arch Daily.

This is right down the street from my house here in Austin. Time to make some phone calls and get into that space! I’d love to shoot photos of it.

  • chris campbell

    The folks at the LAF are very easy and getting a tour is pretty simple, just walk in!

  • Rui

    Make sure you ask your tour guide about the SI article.

  • must take shift lens to Austin for NAHBS…

  • Chris is right! We are open 9-5 and always welcome visitors. Call 512-236-8820 or drop by. We are located on the corner of E. 6th and Robert Martinez. Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog.

  • Drivestrong.

    Look at all the bike racks.