Shop Visit: Mostowy Bicycles & Bicycle Bills Nov 14, 2010


Arny is somewhat of a legend in the Boston area. When I said I was going around profiling local shops and builders, everyone said “You have to go see Arnie Mostowy at Bicycle Bills“. Sure enough, within minutes of visiting the shop, I saw exactly what they were talking about first hand. Arnie also builds bicycles under the name Mostowy in the basement and there’s a lot to be said about their utilitarianism and straight-forward functionality.

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  • Ricky Butler

    I’ve had a Mostowy frame for about 2 years and it took me soo long to find out anything about it. But after a lot of searching I found out that he is in Boston. It’s cool to see his name posted up.

  • Wow, I won a custom frame from Arnie @ the East Side Polo Invite in Boston. I had just about given up hope on getting it when all of a sudden the most beautiful sleak, simple, and solid track frame with an off set rear triangle settled upon my doorstep. Havent all the parts worthy of putting it together yet but getting very close. Can’t wait to get out when the weather improves her in Milwaukee to give the thing a whirl.