Shop Visit: Catch Up With the Fast Folks Oct 6, 2010


One of my favorite places to visit in any new city is the track bike shops. In Austin, there’s one shop dedicated to fixed gears and track bikes and that’s Fast Folks. I spent some time in the shop getting to know the crew and snapped some photos.

Check more out below!


Fast Folks is located at the end of a block-long group of live/work studios in East Austin.


The shop reminds me a record store in a lot of ways. Posters and art line the wall, all relating to cycling.


They offer complete bikes and framesets, along with a full component stock.


Here’s Natalie, the owner’s Kazane track bike.


Fast Folks stickers are everywhere.


They sell these interesting hand pumps.


Velocity’s candy-colored rims line the walls.


If you wanna hang out, you’re more than welcome to!


The back of house is filled with Polaroids and graffiti.


The shop’s fully loaded with all the needs of the fixed and track bike customers.


… and is a great space.


With a full-time mechanic to help repair your bike or build you a new ride.


And while they won’t let you use their tools…


They’ll greet you with a smile! Thanks for the Lone Star and good times guys!

  • Craig

    God, our shop needs one of those signs.

  • antihero1972

    oh hells yeah, i cannot wait till we move to Austin, it may be a few years but we are already there in our minds. Pipes n Bikes thats my shop with a hang out spot in back thats chill.

  • …And it was the first track specific shop ever in TX

  • Misa

    FastFolks changed my life for the better- healed my glaucoma, fixed my credit score, killed my cyber bullies and rubs my tummy when its achey.