Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 19 Sep 7, 2010


Damn Chris, I’m used to seeing a little back-story on each of your All My Bikes illustrations. I guess you didn’t like the Soma Rush all that much? If I remember correctly, this was the first bike that Chris attempted fixed freestyle on, rendering the fork uselessly bent and in pain!

Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 17

  • i dig all these posters he does! are these bikes he actually owns/owned or what?

  • Thanks John! I actually posted a write-up earlier today. I was exhausted last night and postponed it.

    Brandold, this series consists of all the bikes I have ever owned—not bikes I currently own. Glad you like it!

  • thats whats up man! i really dig all the Prolly posts lol this his the first and only blog ive ever actually enjoyed and constantly kept up with lol