9-11 in NYC Sep 11, 2010

Photo by Angelo Benjamin

I didn’t get the chance to go down to lower Manhattan to shoot a photo yesterday so Angelo’s will have to take its place. He shot this photo of the memorial lights from New Jersey last week and it fits on this blog perfectly; bikes plus the NYC skyline. I wasn’t here for 9-11 but I had family that was. It’s crammed down our throats constantly, especially with mid-terms approaching but one thing’s for sure. We’ll never forget.

  • EzPz

    Nice shot Angelo, good way to pay respects

  • Kanon08

    That’s awesome. I’m assuming that large square tower on the left is completely lit up in remembrance as well.

  • Vas

    9 years later and all we have is this huge flashlight.
    and i still wonder, did they install any defense system at Pentagon, or can any ol’ missle….eerrrr, “jumbo jet” hit it…